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D612 Coffee Roasters

Chelbesa - Ethiopia

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The Chelbesa farm is located in Gedeb district, which is the most southern part of the Gedeo region in Ethiopia. The farm is run by Neguesse Debela since 2017, is a very youn coffee producer but is alredy known as one of the finest coffee producer of the region. Coffee trees grows at 1950 to 2200 masl, it helps to express all the potentiality of the ehiopian beans.  Chelbesa farm is a great example of the best coffee growing agro – ecology, because coffee trees grows in a dense layred semi forest which help the perfect climate conditions.


In the washed process the pulp is removed mechanically from the coffee bean before the beans are dried, using a machine called depulper.

The peculiarity of the Chelbesa washing station is the ceramic – made fermentation tanks which will help bring clarity in the coffee that they process as well as help speed up the fermentation through the heat retained by the ceramic.

After depulping the beans are put to a water tank where fermentation process will remove the remaining mucilage. After the fermentation is ready, the coffee beans are washed in channels to remove any leftover mucilage and then it is ready to be dried. Drying in the washed process is done similarly as in natural process spreading coffee beans in brick patios or raised beds. To ensure even drying the beans are turned regularly as in natural processing.



Heirloom coffee is a compound phrase for several naturally occurring types of coffee found in Ethiopia. This term is commonly used to refer to local types, many of which are still present in the wild today. In this case the exact variety of this coffee is J.A.R.K 74/158, selected to for enhanced pest resistance and higher yields

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