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Erika Sanchez - Guatemala

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Erika Sanchez runs her little farm called La Montaña (2.5 hectares) in the middle of the San Antonio area of Huehuetenago in Guatemala. Erika is one of the 830 producers of the Red de Mujeres or “network of Women” that is a group of female coffee producers founded after the coffee crisis in the early ’00. With the help of this network, these female producers have been united to market their coffee and find international buyers. At the same time, all of them have always been focused on improving  their farming methods to avoid chemicals in favor of organic fertilizer.



Erika use a unique way of fermentation, she dry ferment the coffee for a long period of time in controlled conditions in order to accentuate the fruity notes of the cup. She was the first who experimented this fermentation method  in the Red of Mujeres, and now she are trying to teach to the other coffee producer how to apply that to improve their coffees.



Caturra, Burbon, Pache 

Burbon variety was introduced in Brazil during the second part of 19th century and during the following years has spread to all the central – south America. This variety produce very balanced coffee with a taste acidity, but is very susceptible to dieases. Caturra is a natural mutation of the Burbon variety, was introduced in Guatemala in the mid of 20th century and is known for his massive production thanks to the smaller size of the plant which allows the plant to be placed closer together. Pache variety is a natural mutation of Typica, the plant grows smaller and is highly recommended in not very rainy region and with an elevation above 1400 meters.

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