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El Agrado - Colombia

El Agrado - Colombia

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This coffee is grown in El Agrado in the Cauca region of Colombia. The farmers enjoy the help of the Asociación de Caficultores del Centro del Cauca por la Paz (ACC), a non-profit organization whose aim is to improve the quality and marketing of coffee, thus improving social well-being in the region. The association helps members with crop-related business strategies and technologies; although each member has the possibility to decide how to process their coffee with innovative fermentations.


This coffee is processed with the honey method. In particular, once the best coffee cherries have been collected and selected, they are fermented for approximately 12 hours in the washing tanks. At the end of this first fermentation they are depulped and left to ferment again for 36 hours in open tanks. Once fermentation is complete, they are dried in parabolic dryers (parabolic-shaped greenhouses made up of transparent plastic exteriors which allow the best use of solar radiation even in the event of rain), until 10% residual humidity is reached.



Named in honor of researcher Jamie Castillo, who collaborated with Cenicafe in 2005 to create this variety, the Castillo variety was conceived as an improvement on the Colombia coffee variety.

It boasts resistance to leaf rust (roya) and has quickly become the most widely grown coffee in Colombia due in part to its high yield, resistance to other common diseases, as well as its smaller stature which allows for greater planting density.


The Caturra variety is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. We find it for the first time in Guatemala in the mid-1900s. It is a variety characterized by the small size of the plants which, for this reason, can be planted closer together, guaranteeing greater productivity per unit of surface area. The Caturra variety has arrived massively in Colombia in recent years when, in 2008, the government encouraged the replacement of older plants in favor of the new variety, which is more resistant and more productive.


Also known as “Variedad Colombia”, this variety was developed by Colombian researchers at Cenicafe by crossing Caturra and Timor Hybrid. Cultivated since 1982, it was designed to combat the predicted leaf rust epidemic in Colombia. Its development is credited with saving the Colombian coffee industry from serious damage when rust reached Colombia in the mid-1980s.
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